Arche de désinfection

The disinfection arch: the quick and easy way to clean distribution carts

Cleaning meal distribution carts is a specialized job for people who work in the field of collective catering, health establishments or prison services. This is a crucial step, which must be carried out regularly, to guarantee the health and hygiene of all staff, but especially customers. To facilitate this cleaning, Electro Calorique offers you the disinfection arch, specially designed for this purpose and guaranteeing the cleanliness of your distribution cart.

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Ventilated cold: One of the best cooling techniques

Food preservation is a crucial step in the field of gastronomy. Indeed, it is important for each dish to maintain the ideal temperature so that their taste and textures do not deteriorate. By maintaining the correct temperature, consumer health is preserved. Among the cooling techniques there is ventilated cold, which is one of the best means of preservation.

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Discover the best cooling technique for transporting food: GLYCOL WATER

In terms of cooling techniques for food transport, the use of glycol water refrigeration is becoming highly preferred, due to its advantages and ergonomics. This technique consists of using water containing glycol as a secondary fluid in the system. The technique is considered the best for transporting food, as it is environmentally friendly and reduces the environmental impacts caused by other systems.

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Whether cold or hot, meal distribution carts are at the heart of the logistics of collective catering establishments. For more than 50 years, Electro Calorique has been innovating and developing specific carts for its customers. A Made in France quality that is exported. Meeting with Jérôme Brossat, President of Electro Calorique.
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