Our solutions for catering services

Manufacturer of meal trolleys, ELECTRO CALORIQUE offers a wide range of logistics solutions for meal service in local authorities.
Our offer is based on the different distribution methods (trays, collective dishes, crates…), configurations (distance from production and consumption sites, cold link, hot link,…) and is aimed at all types of establishments: hospitals, clinics, accommodation or specialised establishments, prisons, …
Our ranges have been designed, developed and manufactured in France for more than 60 years and benefit from many patented innovations.

Thanks to its technologies, all our equipment guarantees:

  • Compliance with international food hygiene and safety standards, in particular those resulting from the HACCP method
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Comfort and ergonomics

ELECTRO CALORIQUE is also able to offer you tailor-made solutions perfectly adapted to your constraints and objectives.