Arche de désinfection

The disinfection arch: the quick and easy way to clean distribution carts

Cleaning meal distribution carts is a specialized job for people who work in the field of collective catering, health establishments or prison services. This is a crucial step, which must be carried out regularly, to guarantee the health and hygiene of all staff, but especially customers. To facilitate this cleaning, Electro Calorique offers you the disinfection arch, specially designed for this purpose and guaranteeing the cleanliness of your distribution cart.


What is a disinfection arch?

The disinfection arch is a cleaning tool for distribution carts, the main purpose of which is to eliminate all the bacteria present on this cart.

This arch can be installed in all catering facilities so that the distribution carts are quickly cleaned and all bacteria and microbes are completely eliminated.

The disinfection arch is a versatile piece of equipment, which is not manufactured exclusively for cleaning meal distribution carts. Indeed, this material can also be used for furniture and other elements at home or in different types of establishments.


How does the disinfection arch offered by Electro Calorique work?

The disinfection arch is made up of an aluminum arch, which facilitates its installation. In addition, the arch also contains motion sensors. These sensors are responsible for adjusting the dose of hydroalcoholic solution required for the size of each distribution cart to be cleaned.

The vaporizers contained in the disinfection arch cover the whole meal distribution cart with a few drops of hydroalcoholic solution to disinfect each one fully.


How to use the disinfection arch

The disinfection arch is very simple and quick to use for all carts that need to be cleaned and disinfected in a collective distribution establishment. The cart disinfection steps are as follows:

  • Place the cart under the disinfection arch;
  • Cart presence detected by sensor;
  • The quantity of hydroalcoholic solution required is set;
  • The hydroalcoholic solution is sprayed on the cart.

This catch-all process allows all meal distribution carts to be thoroughly disinfected.


What are the advantages of the disinfection arch?

The disinfection arch is a piece of equipment that has many advantages for all those who use it. In addition, this arch impacts many areas of the establishment.

Ease of use

The disinfection arch is very easy to use and install. The material is light and modular. The width of this disinfection tool can be adjusted according to the necessities and the surface of the location it is installed. Indeed, it is a super adaptable tool.

Fluidity of work

With the disinfection arch, the work of collective catering, prison service or health service staff is lightened. Indeed, there is no longer any need to spend a great deal of time fully cleaning and disinfecting a used cart. All you have to do is push the cart under the arch so that bacteria and germs are removed.

In this way, staff can save an enormous amount of time as far as work is concerned. The hours that used to be spent cleaning the cart by hand can be better spent elsewhere.

Health guarantee

What’s more, the health of all the staff, but also of the people who are served using the meal distribution cart, is ensured. All microbes and bacteria that were on the cart are eliminated. There are then fewer risks to everyone’s health.

Placing the cart under the disinfection arch

Placing the cart under the disinfection arch

Cart presence detected by sensor

Cart presence detected by sensor

The hydroalcoholic solution is sprayed on the cart

The hydroalcoholic solution is sprayed on the cart