Ventilated cold: One of the best cooling techniques

Food preservation is a crucial step in the field of gastronomy. Indeed, it is important for each dish to maintain the ideal temperature so that their taste and textures do not deteriorate. By maintaining the correct temperature, consumer health is preserved. Among the cooling techniques there is ventilated cold, which is one of the best means of preservation.

Ventilated cooling: what is it?

The ventilated cold technique is a technique using air that is protected in a cabin by a fan. The air in the ventilated cooling technique spreads homogeneously in the system where it is used. In this way, all corners are reached.

In the distribution carts equipped with ventilated cold technology, the temperature remains constant and the quality of the food to be transported is maintained.

How does the ventilated cold cooling system work?

Electro Calorique, renowned manufacturer of distribution carts, has introduced ventilated cold technology to all the equipment it produces. The operation of this technique is quite simple.

A ventilated cold diffusion system

The ventilated cold is created by a refrigeration unit. This sends the cold temperatures to the distribution cart via a network of ducts. This type of distribution contributes to a homogeneous distribution of ventilated cold air. The dishes contained in the meal distribution cart are puffed indirectly without being altered.

A fan-cooled cooling system with a well-defined temperature

One of the main modes of operation of fan-cooled technology is precise temperature control. The regulation margin for this temperature is +/-1°C depending on the set point provided.

A cleaning system

The ventilated cold technology consists of an automatic cleaning system. Indeed, the water produced by the cooling technique is intercepted by another secondary circuit which is located in the technical part of the meal distribution cart.

How to use Ventilated cooling technology to preserve food

For a better quality of food to be transported on the distribution carts with the ventilated cold storage system, several tips and techniques must be followed.

  • Place food on trays or dishes;
  • Arrange the trays and crockery on the distribution cart;
  • Start the ventilated cold storage system.

You can also use trays to store cheeses and cold meats on your meal distribution cart equipped with ventilated cold cooling technology.

What are the advantages of fan-cooled cooling technology?

The distribution carts offered by Electro Calorique, equipped with a ventilated cold cooling system, are very efficient carts with a host of advantages.

Using this technique to preserve food helps maintain the perfect condition of the food. Unlike conventional carts, which only contain levels, and which cause a rapid deterioration in the quality of food, these equipped carts make it possible to maintain quality, regardless of the distance to be traveled.

Carts equipped with this ventilated cold technology also have the benefit of no frequent maintenance being required. This quality of the cart allows a considerable time saving for all the personnel working in the collective catering services.

This ventilated cold storage technology also facilitates the work staff need to do. Indeed, it can transport a large quantity of fresh food without fear that it will degrade on the way. It is thus an innovative solution that reduces the stress of people working in collective catering.

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