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Elderly Care Home Catering

« 64% of elderly people in geriatric institutions have an unfavorable nutritional status »RESAH (French Hospital Purchasing Group)

Nowadays, elderly people represent the largest share of activity in health care institutions.
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Hospital Catering

According to World Health Organization, good nutrition is a guarantee of health.


Though, malnutrition isn’t only present in developing countries. This major public health problem also shows up in developed countries.
Ironically, it turns out that hospitalization is a risk factor for undernutrition. Indeed, it affects up to more than half of all the patients in hospitals. The deterioration of nutritional parameters for adults and the apparition of undernutrition for children that aren’t suffering severe pathologies point out a quantitatively insufficient supply of energy and macronutrients.
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Daring to innovate in order to cross the time

On June 21 and 22, the major annual conference of Entre chefs was held. Entre Chefs is THE French-speaking network of entrepreneurs with more than 2000 members in 4 French-speaking countries (Canada, France, Switzerland and Belgium).
With mutual aid as its main value, this network encourages exchanges and the sharing of experience between the various members in order to bring out new ideas around entrepreneurship, teamwork or the company.

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Electro Calorique joins Coq Vert community!

On June 5, 2020, the Minister of Ecological Transition and Solidarity Elisabeth Borne launched with Bpifrance and ADEME a plan to support VSEs and SMEs in their ecological transition.

After the Red Rooster of the French Tech and the Blue one of the French Fab, community of which we are also part; the new community of the Green Rooster gathers the companies engaged in the ecological transition and the actors of the renewable energies.

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Meal distribution cart manufacturers

Meal distribution cart manufacturers

A service or meal distribution cart is essential in a restaurant. It also remains an effective aid within establishments of all kinds. Indeed, a meal distribution cart is the equipment that can improve the service of meals, drinks, breakfasts and cutlery. To find the best cart for your company, choose a specialized and experienced manufacturer that is recognized in the field.

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COMBI meal distribution cart

Why choose the COMBI meal distribution cart?

Meal distribution carts are innovative solutions in the catering industry. They are suitable for hotels, hospitals and even prison services. As a French manufacturer of meal distribution carts, we have designed quality carts to satisfy our customers and thus improve their workflow. To do this, we offer our customers the COMBI distribution cart, which allows meals to be distributed in multi-portions or on individual trays.

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