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Electro Calorique is one of the main actors on the food distribution trolley market. We work in the health sector (hospitals, clinics, EHPAD, retirement homes), as well as in prisons. We are at your service to find together the most suitable solution for your food distribution system. Our 100% French teams work on the performance of our food distribution trolleys, to offer you innovative and adapted solutions to enhance the value of your establishment’s catering services.

The manufacturing quality of our trolleys is known and recognized by our many customers around the world. Whether your establishment distributes its meals in cold or hot combinations, in individual trays or in multi-portions, Electro Calorique is able to offer you the solution that will best meet your expectations.


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Elderly Care Home Catering

« 64% of elderly people in geriatric institutions have an unfavorable nutritional status »RESAH (French Hospital Purchasing Group)

Nowadays, elderly people represent the largest share of activity in health care institutions.
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Hospital Catering

According to World Health Organization, good nutrition is a guarantee of health.


Though, malnutrition isn’t only present in developing countries. This major public health problem also shows up in developed countries.
Ironically, it turns out that hospitalization is a risk factor for undernutrition. Indeed, it affects up to more than half of all the patients in hospitals. The deterioration of nutritional parameters for adults and the apparition of undernutrition for children that aren’t suffering severe pathologies point out a quantitatively insufficient supply of energy and macronutrients.
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Daring to innovate in order to cross the time

On June 21 and 22, the major annual conference of Entre chefs was held. Entre Chefs is THE French-speaking network of entrepreneurs with more than 2000 members in 4 French-speaking countries (Canada, France, Switzerland and Belgium).
With mutual aid as its main value, this network encourages exchanges and the sharing of experience between the various members in order to bring out new ideas around entrepreneurship, teamwork or the company.

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For more than 50 years, we have built our reputation on the consistent quality of products for meal distribution. Our expertise is based on a perfect knowledge of the constraints of retirement homes, clinics, hospitals, prisons and other catering establishments. It also allows us to develop specific products for all our customers around the world.

Innovation at the service of our customers

Electrocalorique’s R&D department is at the heart of our innovation strategy and the development of our expertise. It enables us to anticipate and adapt to our customers’ needs and helps us to design professional equipment that is adapted and ergonomic. Our steam disinfection solution is an example of this. It meets the hygiene requirements to be applied to catering equipment.

Adapted food distribution trolleys

Our trolleys are designed to meet the requirements of professional kitchens in order to optimise logistics and handling. Each one offers perfect manoeuvrability when distributing meals, whether in trays, multi-portion dishes or by the plate. The stainless steel construction of the food-contact parts ensures perfect food hygiene and contributes to better health safety.

Our range of meal trolleys is designed for cold, hot and frozen food service. These robust trolleys, equipped with swivel wheels with brakes for better manoeuvrability, allow food to be reheated for hot meal preparations. The refrigerated food is kept at the right temperature by means of a refrigeration system designed for optimum distribution of cold air. Some models have a folding, height-adjustable shelf to facilitate the dispensing of soup, water or coffee. It is possible to add a storage surface to store dirty dishes inside the trolley. This option allows the washing to be centralised for safe return.

A tray clearing kit can also be added. This is attached to the handling handles and is height adjustable.

Food packaging in multi-portion containers and/or on individual trays can be combined in our “Combi” trolley. With large capacity compartments containing numerous shelves, it can be equipped with a heated top to keep your meals hot. Access to the bins via removable telescopic drawers makes it easy to use and dishwasher safe. The cooling is done by means of an integrated refrigeration unit.

The breakfast range is specifically designed to provide the first meal of the day. Trays with a hot drink, pastry or any other bakery product can be distributed with ease. Its “Breakfast” model is light and modular. Easy to move and very handy, it can dispense up to 60 trays. Its lower work surface and gallery is useful for customising the tray and allows you to carry pitchers, baskets or anything else in complete safety.
The Fresh Déj’ trolley is specifically designed to respect the cold chain. Each compartment is insulated or refrigerated to maintain the temperature of fresh food and products even during breakfast. The base is fitted with non-marking bumpers to protect all components.
The “Expresso” model, on the other hand, eliminates the need to use insulated containers. The integrated beverage machine takes up very little space on the trolley. The 14-litre tank contains innovative heat-retaining technology that lasts for about 3 hours.

Several options and accessories are available for these trolleys:

  • Garbage bag holder
  • Menu card holder
  • Foldable shelf
  • Customised decorations
  • Sorting tray
  • Telescopic drawer

We also manufacture trolleys for distribution on individual trays and for meals on a plate. Our trolley is designed for the transport of meals in single-site establishments or by truck from a central kitchen.

Each establishment can benefit from our trays compatible with the “Erg’Elec 4G” range. These are composed of two compartments, symmetrical or asymmetrical, manufactured with a rim that can withstand a liquid spill.

Whatever your needs, we have the right product for you. Our wide range is designed for professionals and will certainly fit your establishment.

Please feel free to browse our product pages and contact us for further information.


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