Simple, fast: a quick connection on the trolley connected to a steam system that diffuses the latter allowing the disinfection of the trolleys from the inside in 60 seconds.
It is simple, fast, and ecological since only 25cl of water is required for a disinfection cycle and above all, no detergent product.

Your trolley must simply be connected to the central unit so that disinfection can be carried out automatically without any further manual intervention.

An Electro Calorique innovation that has won many awards !

Steam cleaner


Nettoyeur vapeur Electro One


The Mini box model allows manual disinfection of all substrates thanks to its many accessories and versatility. For quick and easy disinfection (steam boost up to 175°c)!

Nettoyeur vapeur Electro Duo


The DUO model incorporates all the features of the ELECTRO ONE and also allows connection to the food serving trolley ERG’ELEC 4000 for automatic programmed disinfection. All in 5 minutes!



Désinfection optimale en moins d’une minute

Saving time

No waiting time for drying


Water saving, no use of detergent products