Ventilated refrigeration cooling is one of the most common techniques used in domestic environments and by catering professionals.

ELECTRO CALORIQUE has adapted this technology to its equipment:

Ventilated refrigeration is generated by a refrigeration unit that distributes its fridges in the trolley thanks to a network of ducts (and not directly in the enclosure) promoting a very homogeneous distribution of the cold and an indirect blower without alteration for the food at each level.

The control delta is +1° / -1° with respect to the set point (e. g. set point set at +5°C : the cooling unit regulates its refrigerant production between +4° and +6°C)

Easy to clean because no technical parts (e. g. the evaporator) are located in the cold chamber. The condensate water generated by the cooling is recovered by a secondary circuit located in the technical part of the truck.