Cold by Glycol Water

Cold by Glycol Water

This fast, patented and versatile cooling technique satisfies requirements for transporting food and keeping it cold.





The glycol cooling principle is based on a refrigeration unit sized according to the volume to be refrigerated: the trolleys are supplied by connections. The glycol water is cooled in a remote unit supplied with electricity. Injection into the hermetic tanks located in the trolleys takes place by automatic connection.

The complete trolley cooling process (glycol cooling and injection into the trolleys) requires low electrical consumption.
Glycol can be used ad infinitum and presents no risks or drawbacks, in particular for health, safety and the environment.


Advantages :

  • ERG'ELEC 4000 GLYCOLdapted to all structure types
  • Space saving in pantries thanks to elimination of refrigerating units and terminals
  • Improvement of working conditions for users: no heat generation or noise pollution relating to cold production in the pantry
  • Ease of maintenance operations thanks to cold production centralised on a single machine
  • Inclusion in an economic and ecological approach: drop in energy consumption thanks to operation of a single unit that can be programmed at night.


This technology is available on the ERG’ELEC 4000 range

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