This patented, fast and versatile cooling technique meets the requirements of cold storage and food transport.

The glycol cooling principle consists of a cooling unit sized according to the size of the volume to be cooled; the trolleys are supplied by connections.
The cooling of the brine water is done in a remote power plant supplied with electricity. Injection into the hermetically sealed tanks located in the trolleys is done by automatic connection.
The complete cooling process of the trolleys (glycol cooling and injection into the trolleys) requires low power consumption.

Glycol is infinitely usable and does not represent any danger or inconvenience, particularly for health, safety and nature.

Avantages :


Suitable for all types of structures

Saving space

Saving space by eliminating cooling units and bollards


No heat generation or noise pollution


Simplified maintenance thanks to centralized cold production on a single equipment

As part of an economic and ecological approach: reduction in energy consumption thanks to the operation of a single power plant that can be programmed at night.