COMBI meal distribution cart

Why choose the COMBI meal distribution cart?

Meal distribution carts are innovative solutions in the catering industry. They are suitable for hotels, hospitals and even prison services. As a French manufacturer of meal distribution carts, we have designed quality carts to satisfy our customers and thus improve their workflow. To do this, we offer our customers the COMBI distribution cart, which allows meals to be distributed in multi-portions or on individual trays.


The COMBI meal distribution cart: an innovation

The COMBI packaged meal distribution cart is a real innovation for catering professionals. By using this cart, it is possible to transport a large number of dishes simultaneously. This hybrid distribution cart makes it possible to combine BENTO trays with multi-portion compartments on a single cart.

This COMBI cart is suitable for any type of accommodation establishment, especially those that provide packaged meals. This hybrid cart can, in fact, distribute up to 60 served meals. This high-performance cart maintains the quality of the meals transported thanks to the innovative technologies contained within.


Key features of the COMBI packaged meal distribution cart

To enable this cart to be fully efficient and ergonomic, it is equipped with several useful features.

The cart is equipped with independent doors. Each column of the cart is made up of multiple accesses which are independent of each other. These independent accesses help to maintain insulation and respect the temperature conditions required for each dish.

A thermo-contact is another feature of the COMBI cart. This helps to preserve the quality of the dishes to be distributed by maintaining an ambient temperature. This technology works without drying out the dishes.

The cart also features a heated top, which helps keep the pan at the right temperature while serving, to deliver hot portions from start to finish.


Benefits of using the COMBI meal distribution cart

On the job

The distribution cart helps to improve the workflow of professionals. Thanks to its versatility and performance, a large number of compartments and trays can be transported on a single cart. In this way, trips from the kitchen to the distribution room can be avoided.

The dimensions and designs also make dispensing tasks easy. You can transport up to 60 meals on this hybrid cart.
(The calculation of meal capacities is given as an indication on the basis of the following calculation: 7 portions per GN ½ container, depth 65mm)

On food

Thanks to the temperature regulation technologies within the cart, dishes are kept at an ideal temperature. This is done through the thermo-contact system and heated top technology. People can then enjoy their dishes and savor the taste of their meals.

On health

The health of personnel working in meal distribution is also protected with the COMBI packaged meal distribution cart. Indeed, thanks to its motorization system which facilitates its movement, the cart reduces the risk of musculoskeletal disorders.

Even when the cart is filled with a large number of dishes to be transported, the staff member does not need to exert much force to move it.

The motorization and its 6 Ø160 mm wheel design bring an increased mobility to the cart.


Who can use the COMBI distribution cart?

The COMBI packaged meal distribution cart offers multiple features that are beneficial for the work, meals and health of the staff who use it. This type of cart corresponds to any type of accommodation that distributes packaged meals.

This cart is particularly suitable for establishments with the reactivity needs of short-stay services, including:

  • Maternity
  • The Oncology department;
  • The Ambulatory;
  • Surgical services.

However, as the cart is versatile, it can be used in any hospital ward or healthcare facility.