Specialised Establishments

Specialised establishmentsSpecialised establishments welcome a varied population of all ages, exhibiting a variety of physical and/or mental handicaps. Length of stay varies, but is frequently to the end of life.



Organised into units of 15 to 20 residents, these establishments organise their catering service and meals in living spaces consisting of a dining area, a kitchen and a relaxation lounge.

Meals are taken with the specialised educators, and the dishes (stainless steel GN1/1 type) are placed directly on the table before being proportioned into each plate.

The trolleys are normally used to transfer meals into the living spaces and to maintain food temperatures. They are stored in a corner of the unit, and the dishes taken out and placed on the table.

For the most part organised in cook & serve mode, with frequently short times, establishments entrust delivery of meals to units directly to the Catering department.


ELECTRO CALORIQUE offers dual-temperature equipment adapted to the specific organisation of specialised host structures, satisfying such constraints as:

  • Equipment compactness, ensuring it can fit into confined spaces (kitchen, living space, etc.)
  • Conformity and compliance with temperatures,
  • Ease of use for the educational personnel managing distribution,
  • Adaptability of accessories and equipment for transport of varied products (bread, soup, etc.)
  • Versatility: both bulk food and individual plates are involved


Discover our range of trolleys for distribution in multi-portion dishes

For establishments organised in cook & chill mode, our offer has been enriched by equipment dedicated to logistics and reheating of meals:


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