PrisonsPrisons accommodate a multi-cultural, heterogeneous and restrained population for a long period. The food offer is adapted and varied to suit the various populations.


Catering is structured around:

  • Group ordering according to the various diets involved
  • Meals prepared on site, with the help of the prisoners, in kitchens incorporated into the establishments (occasionally, use of a central kitchen with incorporation of a relay kitchen in the establishment)
  • Distribution for the most part in cells with components packaged either individually or in bulk (main dish), hot and cold
  • A variable distribution time, in short circuits, but which can be increased by certain constraints.


The specificities of prisons and their exacting constraints have led ELECTRO CALORIQUE to devise a dedicated range to satisfy such requirements:

  • Security of prisoners and users (sturdiness and inviolability of equipment)
  • Ease of use
  • Limited wheelbase to adapt to the varying corridor widths
  • Optimum temperature maintaining for long distribution times
  • Adaptability to changing populations

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