Accommodation Establishments

Accommodation Establishments Establishments offering accommodation receive populations with homogeneous pathological profiles and a variable length of residence ranging from a medium to a long stay. They offer food of little variety but of considerable quantity, 365 days a year and all day round.


Catering is organised around:

  • Individualized order taking
  • Packaging mainly as bulk food with distribution per plate
  • “Short” cook & serve, cook & chill or mixed mode.


Thus, establishments offering accommodation pay particular attention to hotel services that must be shown off to their advantage, associated with a friendly and reliable service in an ergonomic working environment.

To meet these constraints and the goals of these establishments, ELECTRO CALORIQUE has devised an offer structured around the components and types of services proposed:

  • Breakfast: single-temperature trolleys
  • Lunch and dinner: dual-temperature trolleys


Single-temperature trolleys

The services offered for breakfast are very often standardised and identified.


As the offer mainly consists of dry products and hot beverages, the breakfast distribution trolley must fit as easily as possible into the unit environment.

It must be as compact and as easy to handle as possible, as well as versatile to perform meal distribution and clear up functions in time, and promote distribution ergonomics, with a tray design upstream or on distribution



Dual-temperature trolleys

These trolleys must allow distribution of the hot and cold parts of the meal. Trolley ergonomics shall be privileged in terms of size and volume to facilitate placing on the plate on the site of consumption. The trolley must turn into a distribution console blending into the design and structure of restaurant dining rooms (nursing and retirement homes).

These dual-temperature trolleys also satisfy a need for individualisation upstream from the health care unit, and must comply with the various schemes of individualised distribution and offer diversity of use.


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