ERG’ELEC Distribution on tray range

For distribution on individual trays, the ERG’ELEC range is ideal for meal transport organisation and logistics, in cook & chill, cook & serve, deep frozen and mixed mode.

ERG’ELEC Distribution on tray rangeThanks to its scope and to the numerous accessories and options proposed, the ERG’ELEC range has proved its versatility and adapts to all configuration types, while also guaranteeing user safety, food safety, performances, reliability and hygiene.

100% stainless steel, the ERG’ELEC range trolleys are made up of two separate enclosures: one is designed for cold preparations, while the other for hot preparations. Both enclosures are insulated by a fixed thermal barrier with automatic shutters, thus ensuring compliance with temperatures and tray stability.

The entire ERG’ELEC range is equipped with ELECTRO CONTACT technology.



The ERG’ELEC MONOBLOC and COMPACT trolleys incorporate the ELECTRO CONTACT ventilated cold and hot technologies. Compact in size and easy to handle, they are ideal for providing direct shuttles between the kitchen and the health care units or for allotment of trays in the pantry.

ERG’ELEC also comes equipped with innovative cooling technologies:



The split version of the ERG’ELEC range avoids transport of technical items to lighten the shuttle, while offering optimum safety with the same level of performance as the monobloc version with on-board technology.

This solution consists of:

  • A terminal, fixed or mobile, containing the cooling element and the control electronics
  • A mobile shuttle used to transport and distribute the meal trays. ELECTRO CALORIQUE proposes a wide range of terminals to meet the varying architectural requirements of your establishments.


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