Distribution in multi-portion plates

Adapted to cook & chill, cook & serve, deep frozen and mixed mode, our range offers a wide choice of models. It allows distribution of 15 to 50 meals in multi-portion dishes with proportioning by plate, while also guaranteeing user safety, food safety, performances, reliability and hygiene.

Equipped with accessories and with an ergonomic working surface, facilitating the teams’ work and showing off your establishment’s hotel services to their best advantage, our range blends in perfectly with your distribution area.




100% stainless steel, the RESTISELF range trolleys are made up of two separate enclosures: one for cold meal preparations and the other for hot meal preparations.


The RESTISELF trolleys in their standalone version incorporate the ventilated cold technology and ELECTRO CONTACT hot technology.

Compact in size and easy to handle, they are ideal for directly linking up the kitchen and the distribution areas.



The split version of the RESTISELF range avoids transport of technical items to lighten the shuttle, while offering optimum safety with the same level of performance as the monobloc versions with on-board technology.

This solution consists of:

  • A terminal, fixed or mobile, containing the cooling element and the control electronics.
  • A mobile shuttle used to transport and distribute the multi-portion dishes, incorporating ELECTRO CONTACT hot technology.



The Restauself trolley is ideal for small and medium-sized structures working on a cook & serve basis.

It allows temperature to be maintained for 3 hours as from the end of cooking and can thus be used directly in the kitchen, offering an alternative to the ovens traditionally used.

It has an autonomy of 1 ½ hours in the distribution phase, with the trolley unplugged.

Regarding technology, the Restauself is equipped with a latest generation accumulator allowing accurate regulation of temperatures, while also respecting the organoleptic and nutritional qualities of foodstuffs and satisfying regulatory requirements.

Regarding design, this trolley has a modern, attractive look. It is fully customisable as well as being discreet in dining rooms, where it is accommodated in a distribution bench with high-end materials: top in Corian, wooden cladding with a selection of colours.

Regarding ergonomics, the Cook & Serve trolley comes with a large number of equipment and options, facilitating meal distribution and showing off the hotel and food services to their best advantage.

To satisfy all operating types, this new model is available in 3 versions: Hot, neutral enclosure; hot, refrigerated enclosure; or two hot enclosures.


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