A new and innovative cooling technology in the food distribution sector.

Developed by the French company COLDWAY, this cooling solution has already proven its effectiveness, particularly in the medical field.

This solution, in addition to a reduced operating cost, is ecological and natural.

Cooling production is based on the cooling liquid stored in sealed tanks located in the trolleys.
Once the trolley has been electrically recharged, it is “ready for use” with no time limit or loss of power. Once charged, the system fully retains its energy capacity until it is released.


Pour faire simple :

An electricity recharge cycle (6h30 on a 230V socket) allows, once the trolley is disconnected, to start the cold production with a simple button. The cold production can be stopped and resumed at the user’s request without having to recharge the shuttle.

This system guarantees up to 9H00 of autonomy at a temperature of 3°C

This innovation offers a very long autonomy, a reduction in ecological impact and a very low cost of use (one recharge = 6.7KWH or about 1/recharge).



Aucun investissement ou transformation des bâtiments, les chariots se chargent sur une prise électrique standard.


Aucun consommable, pour plusieurs milliers de cycles de charge, sans perte de capacité

A responsible ecological approach since the fluid R717 is an alternative to fluorinated gases!