Developed at the end of the 1970s with the arrival of the cook-freeze, the thermocontact has established itself as one of the preferred reheating and maintenance technologies used by health and residential establishments.



Temperature control by level


Uniformity of heating between the low and high levels of the trolley


No heat generation or noise pollution


Secure system, individual parallel wiring

Electro Calorique has developed a clean recalculation technology, based on the thermocontact: the Electro Contact, which equips all its trolleys.
The principle of Electro Contact is the individual treatment of each level. Each plate, independent, is regulated by a thermostat. The quality of reheating is therefore naturally improved. In addition, this technology allows an optimal temperature maintenance ensuring a secure distribution until the end of the service.

Electro Contact plates are made of materials that can be used in any situation. Their stainless steel and aluminium design makes them compatible with the intensity of the conditions of use (washing, thermal shocks, vibration, etc.) and ensures durability and continuity of service.

The cycle operation of the Electro contact plates, alternating heating and absorption, also makes it possible to control energy consumption during the reheating cycle.
Electro Contact therefore offers security, flexibility, adaptability and ergonomics. While not very energy consuming!