Ventilated cold

Ventilated coldThe cooling by ventilated cold technology is one of the most common in household environments and with catering professionals.



ELECTRO CALORIQUE has adapted this technology to its equipment:

  • Ventilated cold is generated by a refrigerating unit that diffuses its frigories in the trolley through a duct network (and not directly in the enclosure), thus promoting extremely homogeneous cold distribution and indirect blowing without affecting foodstuffs.
  • Cold air circulates in a closed circuit: blowing and suction / return. The regulation and display probe is housed halfway up the return duct so as to acquire better average temperature information than if the probe were placed at just one point inside the enclosure.
  • The regulation delta is +1° / -1° with respect to the setpoint entered (e.g. setpoint set at +5°C: the refrigerating unit regulates its production of frigories between +4° and +6°C)
  • Ease of cleaning as there are no technical parts (e.g. the evaporator) inside the cold enclosure.
  • Better hygiene since, as the evaporator is not located in the cold enclosure but behind the blowing / suction ducts, the condensate waters generated by cooling are retrieved by a secondary circuit located in the technical part of the trolley.
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