Developed at the end of the 1970s with the emergence of cook & chill, the thermocontact has established itself as one of the regeneration and temperature holding technologies preferred by health and accommodation establishments.




  • Gentle regeneration, fully respecting the nutritional, organoleptic and taste qualities of food,
  • Uniformity of performances between high and low trolley levels,
  • Acoustic comfort,
  • Safety, etc.


ELECTRO CALORIQUE has developed a clean regeneration technology based on the thermocontact: the ELECTRO CONTACT, which equips all its trolleys.


The principle of the ELECTRO CONTACT is based on individual treatment of each level. Each plate, separate, is regulated by thermostat, thus naturally enhancing reheating quality. Moreover, this technology ensures optimum temperature holding, thus guaranteeing safe distribution through to the end of the service.

The ELECTRO CONTACT plates consist of a shielded stainless steel resistance and an anodised aluminium holder. These materials, compatible with the intensity of usage conditions (washing, thermal shocks, vibration, etc.) guarantee long service life and continuity of operation. Operation by cycle of the ELECTRO CONTACT plates, alternating heating and absorption, also allows energy consumption to be controlled during the regeneration cycle.

removable plate system

Consequently, to meet the constraints relating to regeneration of bulk food and faced with the many different container sizes, ELECTRO CALORIQUE has developed a removable plate system that now equips the entire RESTISELF range.

Thanks to this innovation, users can modulate regeneration areas according to containers. Tank cleaning is also easier.

In environmental terms, this heating technology also offers many advantages, including:

  • Control of electrical consumption thanks to heating / absorption sequencing and individual regulation
  • No thermal or acoustic nuisances, etc.


The ELECTRO CONTACT thus offers safety, flexibility, adaptability and ergonomics.


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