Cold by Refrigerant R717

Cold by Refrigerant R717

In 2015, ELECTRO CALORIQUE acquired a new range of trolleys equipped with an innovative cold technology never before seen in the meal distribution sector. Developed by the French company COLDWAY, this cold solution has already proved its efficiency, particularly with the medical community.



Cold production (in closed circuit) relies on a thermochemical process based on liquid / gas status change of a natural refrigerant fluid (R717) stored in hermetic tanks located in trolleys.

Once the trolley has been electrically recharged, it is “ready for use”. Users activate the cold production process according to their needs, without time limitation or power loss.


In addition to compliance with legislation concerning foodstuff transport and user / consumer safety, this new cold production solution has many advantages:

  • Energy storage without time limitation: once charged, the system retains its entire energy capacity until it is released
  • No building investment or transformation: the trolleys are charged on a standard electric socket
  • No consumables, for several thousand charging cycles, without capacity loss
  • A responsible ecological approach: the fluid R717 offers an alternative to fluorinated gases
  • User and consumer safety
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