Cold by Dry Ice

Cold by Dry Ice

This patented cooling principle is based on injection of dry ice into two separate tanks (hot and cold side), located directly in the trolley structure.

It offers many advantages:

  • Quick cooling of trolleys
  • No on-board refrigerating technology
  • No gas emission in the room during injection: there is thus no need to provide special ventilation for the room
  • A high degree of autonomy in maintaining at low temperatures (according to the amount of dry ice injected)
  • Guarantees the kitchen strict compliance with storage temperatures prior to reheating

In environmental terms, cooling by dry ice is risk-free for users and allows establishments to combine energy savings, time savings and performances.



Production of dry ice is generated on injection of CO2 (stored in an external tank) in the trolley tanks before or after supplying the kitchen.

The amount of dry ice to be injected is automatically configured according to the trolley, which is automatically detected by the injection gun.

Dry ice loading can vary on the hot and cold side, and can be modulated according to needs, i.e. required trolley autonomy.

This technology is available in the ERG’ELEC 4000 range.

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