SIGNE ELECTROCALORIQUE LOGOEver since it was first set up in 1919, ELECTRO CALORIQUE has never ceased to innovate and develop its own technologies. Today, this Innovation culture and the investments made in Research and Development allow us to offer products with cutting edge technologies, protected by some thirty patents and greatly appreciated by our customers.


“Creativity consists merely in linking things together. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something that seemed obvious to them after a while. This is because they were able to connect experiences they’ve had and synthesize new things.

They have made or created new things because they were able to link experiences together. And the reason they could do this is because they have had more experience or have thought more about their experiences than others” – Steeve Jobs

The history of ELECTRO CALORIQUE is marked by the creation of innovative products, providing our customers with pertinent solutions satisfying their needs.

Incorporating current technical trends and making them accessible to our customers to help them and guide them in their daily business: such is our corporate strategy that has enabled us over the years to become a trend pathfinder.

From the first storage water heater, manufactured in 1919 and award-winner at the Lyon trade fair in 1922, to the automatic connection module for trolley transport by AGV in 2010, not to mention the first self-disinfecting trolley, award-winner at the Equip Hotel trade fair of 2008, our history has always been marked by innovations and major product trends.

Over the years, this impetus and development strategy have enabled us to file a large number of patents, such as for example:

  • Dock System in 2001 (shuttle terminal for Aluminium trolley)
  • Glycol and CO2 in 2005
  • Automatic connection module for AGV in 2010
  • Electro Contact temperature regulation in 2001
  • Glycol trolley in 2004
  • Cold installation in 1997
  • Self-disinfecting trolley in 2006
  • Double shuttle terminal in 2007
  • Platform with built-in RFID chip in 2009
  • Packaging machine in 2008


We have also developed our capacity to adapt our products to our customers’ needs by taking into account each of their environments. Our multi-cultural experience and world-wide presence allow us to offer our know-how to many establishments and propose them the best solution to serve the best meal.




To assist you on a daily basis in your meal and food distribution logistics, while also guaranteeing user and consumer safety, ELECTRO CALORIQUE offers you a variety of reheating and temperature maintaining technologies.

Our hot technologies:

Heat by Electro ContactHeat by Electro Contact

Our cold technologies

Cold by dry iceCold by dry ice

Cold by glycol waterCold by glycol water

Ventilated coldVentilated cold

Cold by refrigerant R717

Cold by refrigerant R717



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