Yesterday, today and tomorrow

ELECTRO CALORIQUE constantly re-invent itself and endureDeeply rooted in history and resolutely turned towards the future, ELECTRO CALORIQUE relies on an ambitious corporate policy that allows it to constantly re-invent itself and endure.

  • 1919 1919 ELECTRO CALORIQUE LOGOSet up of ELECTRO CALORIQUE, design and manufacture of irons, radiators, plate warmers
  • 1927 Electric warmersGold Medal in Nice’s “3rd Exhibition Fair”
  • 1959 Business dedicated to the hospital sector – Design of the first heated trolley with energy storage, known as a “heated Cart”.
  • 1970 First version of the “Monobloc trolley” designed to control cook & serve and cook & chill modes
  • 1993 Set up of ELECTRO CALORIQUE GmbH in Herne – Germany
  • 1995 1st installation of the cook & chill solution in Hong Kong
  • 1996 trolley with cold production using glycol waterDesign of the trolley with cold production using glycol water. This technology makes it the first eco-responsible trolley thanks to re-use ad infinitum of glycol. 1st reference in Canada
  • 1997 Installation of a second production site in Chateldon (Auvergne)
  • 2000 Inauguration of a new factory in Pusignan (Rhône) Inauguration of a new factory in Pusignan (Rhône) Development on site of cutting edge technologies such as electronics and thermal regulation
  • 2002 Penetration of the Australian market
  • 2005 ELECTRO CALORIQUE consolidates its leadership in Sweden
  • 2006 1st installation in Dubai
  • 2007 Logo Electro-Calorique LyonDesign of the first self-disinfecting trolley – Innovation award in France and Germany
  • 2008 1st installation of the cook & serve solution in Hong Kong
  • 2010 1st reference in Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • 2012 Winning over the Chilean market
  • 2013 More than 70 trolley references that can be customised to our customers’ needs and constraints
  • 2015 Creation of the first ecological self-refrigerating shuttle.
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