Our values

SIGLE ELECTROCALORIQUE GRIS GBInnovation, Proximity, Commitment and Excellence
are all values deeply rooted in the history of ELECTRO CALORIQUE. They guide, stimulate and bind together all our teams in their everyday activities, and form the very foundation of our growth.


More than just a value, Innovation is a genuine corporate culture thanks to which ELECTRO CALORIQUE has developed products and solutions, such as ELECTRO CONTACT, cold production using glycol water, and the self-disinfecting trolley, all of which have been tried and tested and continue to be present on the market. ELECTRO CALORIQUE owns some thirty patents and reinvests roughly 15% of its turnover in Research and Development. This innovation culture is the driving force of all our teams, who seek for solutions that are sustainable, innovative, daring and adapted to our customers’ needs. For more details on our innovations

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To be close to our customers is to have perfect knowledge of their business, to listen to them, to understand their needs, and to incorporate each of their constraints and specificities with the sole aim of meeting their needs as precisely as possible. Proximity to our customers is also a geographic reality. Our sector managers cover all of France and are your privileged contacts. Outside France, our subsidiaries and partners world-wide sweep away borders and are present there where you need them.



Because each project is unique, because its challenges count and because our customers’ satisfaction is what truly matters to us, our teams guarantee they will find you the product you need and be present by your side long-term. Sales and technical departments, Engineering & Design, Production, Logistics, After-Sales: all our collaborators strive to provide you with the best, whether in terms of advice or services. Nor do we forget future generations in our commitment: we produce eco-responsible products and optimise our production with an aim to energy saving, while also enhancing our collaborators’ working conditions.

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Because we are a stakeholder in a sector with demanding safety and hygiene requirements (cold line, drastic legislation, HACCP, user protection, etc.), we continuously challenge our experience to ensure we deserve the trust our customers and prospects place in us. We aim at excellence in all areas: Research and Development, Engineering & Design, Production, Services, at all levels of responsibility. This quest for excellence is a genuine source of inspiration and continual renewal for all those working at ELECTRO CALORIQUE.


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