Sustainable development

Sustainable developmentClose to Public Health establishments, ELECTRO CALORIQUE is a Responsible economic and social stakeholder, committed to a sustainable development policy. Just as each one of us must contribute to the reduction of our impact on earth and strive for the well-being of Humankind, ELECTRO CALORIQUE assists you in your approach by offering eco-responsible products and solutions.


Our sustainable development approach consists of:

A “Clean” industrial and recycling process:

  • Aluminium and Stainless Steel: our main raw materials are environmentally friendly at all stages of their transformation (cutting, punching, bending, welding, deburring) and are completely recyclable
  • A single source of energy is used to produce our trolleys: electricity
  • Industrial lubricants and oil are removed and treated by a specialised organisation
  • Electric and electronic waste are removed and entrusted to a specialised company to be recycled or destroyed“clean” industrial zones
  • Location of production sites in “clean” industrial zones
  • Replacement of acetone by a biodegradable product consisting of an ecological chemical solution to clean sheet metal


A selection of service providers and suppliers also involved in sustainable development

  • Signature of a charter of commitment to reduce CO2 emissions of goods road hauliers
  • Signature of recycling contracts
  • Obtaining certificates of conformity to European directives on use of hazardous substances in electric and electronic equipment.


Improved working conditions for all teams

  • _DSC7764Restructuring of production flows and adapting of work stations
  • Supply of specific protection facilities



Increased awareness of all collaborators on the environmental issue and setting up of complementary actions.

Clean industry

  • Training sessions for all personnel on management and sorting of industrial and household waste.
  • Implication in inter-company travel plans
  • Installation of sort bins in the production workshops and offices (card, paper, ink cartridges, batteries, bulbs, etc.)
  • Installation of a reversible heat pump for heating in winter and air conditioning in summer of all offices


ELECTRO CALORIQUE guides you in your own approach by offering eco-responsible products, guaranteeing hygiene and safety, thanks in particular to the development of innovative technologies:




This meal regeneration and temperature holding technology is based on transfer of calories from a resistance to a content and its container. Today, the thermocontact is considered to be the preferred choice of health establishments for its environmental aspect through acoustic and thermal comfort. The system relies on diffusion of energy from an electrical resistance, with no acoustic or thermal nuisances.

THE ELECTRO CONTACTELECTRO CALORIQUE has developed its own system, allowing you to control your electrical consumption by individual regulation of each plate and sequencing of heating and absorption cycles.

> For more details on the ELECTRO CONTACT


Cooling by Glycol Water

This fast and versatile cooling technique satisfies requirements for transporting food and keeping it cold. The glycol cooling principle is based on a refrigeration unit sized according to the volume to be refrigerated: the trolleys are supplied by connections.
Cooling by Glycol WaterGlycol can be used ad infinitum and presents no risks or drawbacks, in particular for health, safety and the environment.
The glycol water is cooled in a remote unit supplied with electricity. The complete trolley cooling process (glycol cooling and injection into the trolleys) requires low electrical consumption

> For more details on cooling by glycol water.


Automatic Disinfection by Dry Steam

Automatic Disinfection by Dry Steam

This automatic disinfection system is based on production of steam by a remote unit. This steam is then injected into the trolleys through a connection designed specifically for the ELECTRO CALORIQUE trolleys.
Total disinfection of the inside of the trolleys is optimum in less than 60 seconds, without detergent and ensuring complete safety for users.
Automatic disinfection saves both time and energy.
This exclusive process is an award winner in both France and Germany.

> For more details on Disinfection by Dry Steam.


Cooling by CO2

Cooling by CO2

This process is based on production of dry ice and its injection into a tank on-board the trolleys. It is risk-free for users and allows establishments to combine energy savings, time savings and performances.

> For more details on cooling by CO2



Also, to improve comfort, increase user safety and the ergonomics of our products, as well as participate in prevention of occupational disease risks, our R&D teams rely on occupational therapists’ recommendations and our customers’ feedback.


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