The directors


Jérôme Brossat

A pure Lyonnais, Jérôme Brossat revealed his entrepreneurial temperament right from the start of his career. A graduate from IDRAC (International School of Business), he began his career in a consultancy firm specialising in Information systems and Organisation before joining the GL Events sales teams.

In 2005, he joined the ELECTRO CALORIQUE teams, at that time directed by Pierre Brossat, and assumed sales responsibility for the Ile-de-France sector. He then returned to Lyon where he became Managing Director in 2009.

In 2011, Jérôme Brossat became CEO of ELECTRO CALORIQUE.


Didier Pichat
Sales Director

Graduate from a higher business school, Didier Pichat began his professional career in 1987 at ELECTRO CALORIQUE.

Initially a sales representative, he began to develop his enthusiasm for this sector and the human relationships that characterise it. Didier Pichat’s career developed at the same pace as the company and its expansion, and in 1992 he became Sales Manager, contributing in particular to the restructuring and supervision of the sales team.

In 2000, he was appointed Sales Director and currently manages a dozen people.


Florent Macarez
Export Director

A globetrotter at heart and graduate from Hartford University (USA), Florent Macarez began his career in 1989 in the USA where he worked in an international and multi-cultural environment.

Back in France in 1992, he joined Groffilex’s teams as Sales Manager.

In 1993, he joined the teams of ELECTRO CALORIQUE, where he was entrusted with creation of the export department, which he currently directs, and with joint management of the French market.

Since 2000, Florent Macarez has dedicated himself exclusively to the international growth of ELECTRO CALORIQUE.


Guy Jeannin
Industriel Director

A keen rugby fan from which he draws Team Spirit as the basis of his management strategy, Guy Jeannin, an “Arts et Métiers” engineer, began his professional career within the Renault Trucks production department (Methods).

In 1990, he joined Bonnet Névé’s Engineering & Design / Development teams, where he participated in various projects within the methods and manufacturing departments. In 2005 he was named Industrial Director of Comabi.

He joined ELECTRO CALORIQUE in 2010 as Industrial Director where he manages a team of 80 people (Engineering & Design, Purchasing, Production and Logistics), spread out over 2 production sites: Pusignan and Chateldon.


Cédric Waroux
Engineering & Design Manager

A computer-integrated manufacturing engineer, Cédric Waroux has been a technical enthusiast ever since his childhood. He began his career in the “Methods” department in Safil’s teams. In 2003, he joined Eurocave as an Industrialisation Manager, before becoming product design Project Manager.

In 2012, he joined ELECTRO CALORIQUE as Engineering & Design Manager, where he leads a team of 10 people in the design and development of new products.


Gisèle Hebrard
Quality Manager

With a secondary specialisation in chemistry, this long-distance runner turned towards the quality sector after her university degree and now manages her career in the industrial sphere only.

In 1994 she joined the Quality department of the Elf group, followed by Dim, Batiplast and Comabi.

In 2012, Gisèle Hébrard joined the teams of ELECTRO CALORIQUE to set up the Quality department and supervise the After Sales Service teams.


Sébastien Revel
Key Accounts Manager

Graduate from Lyon University in Marketing Techniques, Sébastien Revel entered the University of Sligo (Ireland) in 1996 to specialise in International Marketing, as well as join the university’s rugby team as a hooker.

Back in France in 1998, he joined Comareg’s teams (Hersant Group) as Sales Manager. In 1999, he joined ELECTRO CALORIQUE in a cross-business function between the sales and technical teams at national level. Key accounts manager since 2012, he works on construction and deployment of ELECTRO CALORIQUE’s global solutions and offers.

Béatrice Dauprat
Executive Assistant

Béatrice Daupart began her career with Présidence. In 1994 she joined the production department of L’Oréal at Vichy, leaving it in 1997 to join the teams of ELECTRO CALORIQUE, then being set up in Chateldon, as Sales Assistant.

Since then, Béatrice Daupart, hailing from Auvergne, has led her career according to the needs and expansion of ELECTRO CALORIQUE to become Executive Assistant in 2014.




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