For the second time running, ELECTRO CALORIQUE is partner of the National Day for food in hospitals, and nursing and retirement homes, organised by the Union Des Ingénieurs Hospitalier en Restauration (UDIHR: French Union of Catering Hospital Engineers) and by the Association Française des Diététiciens Nutritionnistes (AFDN: French Association of Dieticians/Nutritionists).

Working with health establishments for more than 60 years and thanks to an extensive Research and Development policy, ELECTRO CALORIQUE offers a range of meal distribution and transport trolleys meeting increasingly exacting constraints: compliance with legislation aimed at protecting consumer health, space savings, kitchen sizing, user safety, sustainable development approach, etc.

ELECTRO CALORIQUE is also committed to developing technologies satisfying a goal that the profession shares and which assumes top priority today: product quality and compliance.

“While we are not part of the devising and production of meals, we are nevertheless the last link in the chain of their distribution, and the last step prior to consumption. Our trolleys are thus designed not to affect the food transported on them: textures are not modified thanks to temperature control, and nutritive, visual and taste qualities are complied with.” Such is the message of Jérôme Brossat, Chairman.

This is the context in which we wished to become partner of the 4th food day in hospitals, nursing and retirement homes, as, each day, we commit ourselves alongside the profession as a whole.


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